In response to growing concerns about our growing traffic challenges and public safety in and around the Okeechobee corridor, community leaders and elected officials came together to have a public discuss on May 22nd at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. More than 200 community members were in attendance, and members of the  media were also in the audience.

Lead by Palm Beach County Commissioner, Mack Bernard, Town of Palm Beach Mayor, Gail Coniglio, and West Palm Beach Commissioner, Shanon Materio, 12 panelists discussed a multitude of topics during the four hour long discussion. Topics included: Nothing but the Facts – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Trump, Trains & Bridges, Why Our World Will Never Be Perfect, and Back to the Drawing Board – Identifying and Presenting Possible Solutions.


Town of Palm Beach     MayoR

Gail Coniglio

West Palm Beach City Commissioner

Shanon Materio

Palm Beach County Commissioner

Mack Bernard

Traffic Forum-2.jpg
  • Trump, Trains & Bridges
  • Infrastructure overview
  • Future development
  • Road closures
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Innovative solutions
  • More than 70,000 cars cross through the Okeechobee corridor daily
  • The average speed of cars traveling during rush hour along the corridor is under 15 mph
  • Even a 10% increase in cars along the corridor will slow cars to under 10 mph during rush hour