Couldn't Make It To The Forum?

Below you will find five videos of the public forum, each depicting a segment that was covered.


Segment I: Nothing but the Facts – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

How did we get here? Traffic congestion used to be a topic of discussion when talking about Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, but West Palm Beach? This panel discussion will help us understand the contributing factors that got us to where we are today.


Segment II: Trump, Trains & Bridges

In this panel discussion, we will learn what happens to traffic when any, or combination, of the train or bridge events occur, by drilling down into the mechanics of traffic lights and other elements which help or hurt the normal traffic flow. And just how much actual time is added to our trip when events, such as Presidential visits to Mar-a-Lago, or bridge construction.


Segment III: Why Our World Will Never Be Perfect

We all want a “walkable and cyclable city”, and we are all striving to make that happen. Can mass transit be a viable solution? Our panelists will help us understand how to make mass transit an attractive option for all users. 


Segment IV: Back to the Drawing Board – Identifying and Presenting Possible Solutions

Moving forward towards real solutions, will be the focus of this final panel discussion. No idea is too small or practical, and no idea is too big and wow! Presenters working with communities throughout the United States to solve traffic congestion issues, will help us look at things differently with creative solutions from simple to elaborate. This segment is designed to motivate us all into realizing the challenge we face today, is simply the opportunity to properly plan for tomorrow.


Public Discussion

In a 'Town Hall" style format, attendees were given various means of participating in the discussion, by using their smart phones to submit questions at, stepping-up to the mic, or simply writing a question on a comment card.